Fabrication for the LED Lighting industry


The rapid growth of LED usage in the lighting industry has brought with it great flexibility in design whilst lowering end users energy costs. Long-term cost savings have made them financially attractive to businesses and consumers however the huge growth in this market is not without challenges for lighting manufacturers.

In an increasingly competitive market there is a clear need for your lighting products to be produced with innovative design, speed and quality.

With many years of experience working with lighting manufacturers in this evolving market, Wheeler Fabrications offer the following guide to getting your products to market on budget and on time, whilst retaining a competitive edge:

Getting your supply partners right

Choosing laser cutting and metal fabricators with the right experience is of key importance. It is possible to work alongside companies with the know-how to turn concepts, sketches and drawings into manufactured prototypes or production runs, often within hours.

This speed of execution helps reduce product development time and associated costs, giving you an all-important competitive edge.

Has your manufacturing partner made smart investments?

A smart choice of supplier is not just about the knowledge held by the personnel you choose to work with.

Work carried out by CAD technicians who are supported by a modern fabrication facility with state of the art laser cutting machinery will be able to consistently cut all coated materials with a perfect edge.

It is well worth asking questions about what laser cutting machinery is used by those you are considering to carry out your production runs. If the manufacturers’ equipment has the capability to cut your materials with no burrs, this eliminates additional painting costs on internal parts.

Allowing your designers to innovate

In addition to lower energy usage, LED lighting has brought with it the capability for a wide range of striking, attractive or simplistic designs.

By working with partners who can use forming machines to bend and press profiles, no matter how intricate or demanding your designs, innovation is only limited by your designers’ imagination.

Streamlining your manufacturing process

If those you outsource to can provide cutting and forming all under one roof, this further reduces the handling and movement of parts – saving time and money. So working with those who have the staff, space and expertise to offer an assembly service in the same location add an extra level of streamlining to the process.

Evolving existing designs

Lighting designers who have valued, trusted products which do not yet use LEDs need not have to redesign from scratch. By choosing highly skilled companies to partner with, you can have new gear trays developed to mount modern LED equipment in, whilst retaining the designs that have otherwise proven popular.

The company you work with should be flexible on production run size too. Whether the batch size you want is ten, twenty or five hundred, if they really care about your custom, they should be happy to accommodate your needs, not theirs.

Carrying only the stock you need

Rapid, cost-effective production and short lead times mean your capital does not need to be locked in to excessive stock carried for long periods of time. We would be delighted to advise on and develop a production schedule that makes sound commercial sense to your organisation.

What next for your industry?

The lighting industry is evolving fast. Never has the industry been in more need of high quality support in order to get the most out of the opportunities presented by LED lighting. Designs and construction should be less hindered or restricted than ever before.

For the first time the modern lighting manufacturer and designer can realise their visions in a range of materials with complex designs and no tooling charges.
If you would like to discuss how Wheeler Fabrications can help you to manufacture existing or new lighting ranges to the highest quality then please contact us on 0121 356 2576 or email sales@wheelerfabs.com