Wheeler’s experienced staff can use your existing product files, or, offer you a one-stop computer aided design and fabrication service to create production files to your exact specification.

We can create working models of your product in 3D or 2D, developing your product & supplying you with the finished models in digital format and as a finished metal prototype.

“With brand new nesting functions we bring you substantial savings on material yields, making the production process more efficient all round.”

We employ Radan & Bysoft 7 CAD systems to bring you our high-end design service for metal parts & product manufacture.

Our software solutions seamlessly integrate with our laser-cutting and bending equipment to create a smooth and regulated controlled production process.

Once we have completed your product design, we move to production with your requirements carried out exactly, every time.

reliable and accurate product design, CAD service

Computer Aided Design Service

Modern sheet metal processing without high-performance software is unimaginable these days, but using the best means we deliver exceptional quality. BySoft 7 provides us with a comprehensive range of functions to effectively design tailored parts for you.  We can create laser-cutting plans and metal-bending programs at the push of a button.

With modular CAD/CAM software in 2D & 3D, we not only design your product efficiently, but also access extensive scheduling and monitoring functions to maintain efficient manufacturing processes. This technology makes it simple to maintain a process overview, finishing jobs quickly and economically for you.

We achieve consistent, excellent results with high-specification equipment at our metal fabrication and manufacturing base in Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. Wheelers bring you the very best metal product fabrication solution available.

Radan & Bysoft 7 CAD service for accurate metal product design

Customer Benefits

Existing drawings and models can be input, edited and processed easily.

Reduction in parts costs, because BySoft 7 automatically nests parts perfectly. Minimising waste means that raw materials can be used in their entirety for perfect efficiency.

Cutting plans and bending programs can be created to exact requirements, with the push of a button. The correct cutting technology is automatically set and the bending process is automatically simulated and monitored.