With shop floor dedicated bending software most metal fabricated products are processed and programmed in the minimum of time. Our staff use a graphical representation to work with the machines, capable of offering the best finishes with the tightest of tolerances and fast part processing. Metal product manufacture is more efficient and accurate than ever with our high-tech processes.

products with intricate laser-cut detailing
laser cut products delivered from our Birmingham base to anywhere in the UK or beyond
products manufactured in Birmingham
laser cutting and bending techniques used in our product manufacture
Our products are laser cut to high specifications
we offer an array of automated bending and cutting services in an array of materials
Laser cutting tools allow the highest degree of accuracy
metal products laser-cut by wheeler fabrications
Metal prototypes created using our high-tech laser cutting and automated metal bending equipment
we are proud to show our well finished and expertly manufactured metal products
Our metal product fabrication service offers excellent results as shown here