3 kW Fibre Optic Laser Cutting

/3 kW Fibre Optic Laser Cutting
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Why Fibre Optic Laser Cutting Services Outperform CO2

Fibre optic laser cutting is new technology which out performs traditional CO2 lasers both in speed and material range, allowing the cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised, zintec, brass, copper and phosphor bronze.

Unparalleled high parts production and first-class laser metal-cutting quality for thin to medium-thick sheet metal.laser metal cutting service for accurate sheet metal designs

  • All materials certificated with full traceability
  • Rigorous internal quality management system
  • Perfect finish on all parts, no sharp edges or burrs
  • Rapid enquiry response & fast lead times
  • CAD design service & reverse engineering
  • Bending & welding service
  • Delivery service

Why We Use Fibre Optic Laser Cutting At Our Birmingham Manufacturing Facility

Fibre optic lasers have good energy efficiency, which means very low power consumption but great metal cutting power and accuracy.

They also benefit from low operating costs, due to the minimal energy usage and the fact that no laser gas is required.

Laser cutting your metal products is a flexible manufacturing technique, offering detailed finishes. Even non-ferrous metals can be easily processed with excellent quality results.

We also offer our customers extremely competitive prices & and an unbeatable level of service.